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Trinity River Photo Contest Winners Announced

Contestants Recognized at
City Council Presentation

The 2010 Trinity River Photo Contest recently wrapped up with the announcement of this year’s winners. In its second year, the contest garnered strong participation with 850 entrants in Pro, Amateur, and Youth groups. Several photos were recognized for their excellence in the categories of Architecture/Structures, Forest/Prairies, River/Ponds, and Wildlife.

The Trinity River Corridor Project wishes to thank these generous sponsors: Clear Channel, Dallas Camera Club, Downtown Dallas, Inc.; HNTB Corporation; Methodist Dallas Medical Center; Omni Hotels; ONCOR; Southside Public Improvement District; Trinity Commons Foundation; Trinity Trust Foundation; and Xerox. Additionally, the photos are displayed on the Dallas City Hall Facebook page and at



The exhibit will begin its tour to various locations around Dallas with the 2011 debut exhibit hosted at Methodist Dallas Medical Center next March.

Michael Hamtil, photo editor of the Dallas Morning News said, “This year we had quite a bit more entries. The participation is really going up. We had a lot more pictures, but we also had a lot more really good pictures, which made it harder to judge.”

Winners came from around the area, with students ranging in age from eleven to eighteen and representing schools including: The Canterbury Episcopal School, Ferris High School, Briar Hill Middle School, The Shelton School, St. John Episcopal, Sunnyvale High School, and Carroll Senior High School.

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December 31, 2010
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January 18, 2011
Trinity River Corridor
Project Committee Meeting
Dallas City Hall
1500 Marilla, Room 6E South
Dallas, TX  75201
9:30 a.m. to11:30 a.m.

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Festival of Science is a Joy

It was an energy charged event at the 2010 Sally Ride Science Festival as 950 children, primarily girls 5th through 8th grade, were awed by science, space exploration and the joy of socializing on a gorgeous Texas day at the 2010 Sally Ride Science Festival held at the University of Texas at Arlington campus on October 30. The festival was a great chance for the Trinity River Corridor Project to get out into the community and showcase some of the science, environmental and construction opportunities happening along the Trinity River.

According to the Sally Ride Science organizers, this young age group is a pivotal time to reach girls and encourage them to continue to pursue the science field. Attendees were treated to science exhibitions, hands-on activities, and a street fair featuring various educational and entertainment displays.

Event-goers also got the opportunity to listen to retired NASA astronaut Barbara Morgan speak about her experiences in space. She gave vivid descriptions of boundless stars, the freedom of weightlessness, and the physical experience of shuttle take-off.

(left to right) Karen (Bear) Ride, sister of Sally Ride, the first female astronaut to go into space, is joined at the podium by Barbara Morgan, who logged 305 hours abroad shuttle Endeavour’s STS-118 Assembly mission to the International Space Station August 2007. She also served on the flight deck of the shuttle during earth reentry and landing.

Astronaut Morgan captivated her young audience with striking details of her adventure such as the fact that the NASA Space Shuttle travels at 17,500 miles per hour and took the astronauts into space in eight minutes!  Water floats into balls in space and can be drunk from a straw. The water will hold objects or food items such as M&M’s. Insert a straw into the ball of water, drink the water and the M&M’s float free leaving astronauts chasing candy as if swimming through water.

But the focus was not limited to the facets of the NASA program; the exhibits covered topics including biology and physics, energy and mathematics, as well as geology. The TRCP teamed with the Environmental Protection Agency to provide information about environmental sciences, as well as the Trinity River itself.

The EPA brought its mascot “Wayne-drop,” who encouraged the participants to take a pledge to conserve water. They also provided teachers with a curriculum for the “Waters to the Sea” program and helped engage them in water conservation and learning about the Trinity River Corridor Project and what it means to the Trinity River watershed and North Texas.


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