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The City of DeSoto, Texas

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The City of DeSoto, Texas upgraded many of its recreation facilities, both to provide greater wellness and community amenities for its residents and make DeSoto an attractive destination for amateur sporting events. To bolster attendance and sponsorship for the facilities and events, the DeSoto Parks and Recreation department hired SDA to enhance its brand image.


SDA developed an integrated branding campaign to generate awareness of the department, its facilities and events. The campaign consists of a new logo, tagline, messaging, color and font system. SDA also carried the fresh new look into a series of electronic and print marketing materials.

Brand Messaging
Logo Applications
Specialty and Branded Wearables
Case Study Images_DeSoto5.1.1
Case Study Images_DeSoto5.1.2
Case Study Images_DeSoto5.1.3
Case Study Images_DeSoto5.1.4
Branded Event Apparel
Event Print Marketing Materials
Event Print Marketing Materials
Event Outdoor Marketing
Branded Event Apparel
Event Outdoor Marketing

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