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Five Mile Studio Holiday 2023

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In 2022, Five Mile Studio, a content creation space in Dallas, Texas, hired SDA to design and renovate its first location. Created with a mid-century modern aesthetic, the space caters to content creators and influencers in the areas of fashion, lifestyle and beauty. In 2023, with the goal of introducing the new space to its target audience, the studio launched its first annual holiday-themed promotion to showcase the newly renovated property. Five Mile Studio called on SDA once more to transform the space into a holiday wonderland exuding style and luxury.


SDA mustered its full range of skills in branding and interior design to bring the magic of the holidays to the studio space. A custom holiday theme, along with carefully curated and sourced seasonal materials, created an atmosphere of splendor and sophistication. SDA’s design work also included the creation of holiday decor such as a custom table setting, bookshelves, holiday wreaths and trimmings, brought together by a natural, mid-century modern aesthetic. Finer details included sparkly pines, soft linens, and even a custom scent to fill the air with warm holiday cheer. The temporary makeover gave Five Mile Studio clients a unique and spectacular setting to create their holiday-themed content.

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