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Pillar Commercial Real Estate

Project Type

Pillar Commercial, a full-service commercial real estate firm specializing in office and retail development, was augmenting its portfolio of properties by acquiring several Class “A” buildings. In order to compete for valuable tenants in a tightening commercial real estate market, Pillar needed to improve its brand and overall image. A new brand and new marketing materials were needed to complete the image overhaul.


SDA developed a new brand and an integrated marketing campaign targeted at commercial real estate brokers. Deliverables include a new logo, tagline, font and color system, stationery materials, a property logo system, brand messaging, interior and exterior signage, custom broker’s events, sales materials and a property website.

Brand Messaging
Case Study Images_Pillar3.1
Property Logo System
Property Leasing Campaign
Property Leasing Signs
Property Signage
Property Website
Property Leasing Materials
Property Leasing Materials
Leasing Event Materials
Leasing Event Materials

Previous Brand

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